3 hilarious water-saving ideas (not recommended)

So you have been told to save water, but you aren’t really up for it. How about we induce some guilt to your daily water use? Or do you prefer to make using water really uncomfortable?

Honestly, people really invent the craziest things when it comes to saving water.

Poor little fish water basin

The poor little fish water basin is designed by Yan Lu to make you feel guilty every time you use too much tapwater.

Every time you turn on the tap, the water in the fishbowl will start to drop until eventually, the fish ends up without any water. That will certainly motivate you to turn off the tap!

The fishbowl will start to fill itself again when the tap is turned off, so no need to worry too much. Just hurry to wash your hands!

Of course, the water from the tap and the water in the fishbowl are not really connected but it is made to look like they are.

And I assume the fish is a fake one?

The shower floor that hurts your feet

This shower floor is designed to make your feet really uncomfortable. Your shower floor starts perfectly smooth, but while showering several rings start to emerge that start to annoy your feet more and more as they arise.

I wonder how long I could stand hurting feet during a nice and warm comfortable shower…

Shower spikes

Did you think there was nothing to stop you from taking a long shower?

These crazy inflatable shower spikes will start to literally push you out of the shower after 4 minutes.

Although these designs are laughable and make us think again about saving water, I certainly hope there is no need to create discomfort in order to save water. You can read all about how to save water in our full guide for saving water at home.

Water pebble

A cute way to measure our shower time is with a color-changing timer. I found this Boa Waterpebble on amazon that measures the water flow around itself and changes from green to red over time to remind you of your water use.

If you want to read more about how to actually save lots of water, please read my article: Save water at home: the full guide to reducing water use.