Do infrared heaters have to be vented?

Infrared heaters do not need to be vented because they do not emit any gases or volatile compounds. Venting normally prevents harmful gases and other volatile compounds from polluting the indoor air. However, since electric infrared heaters do not emit any gasses, venting is not required.

Ventilation normally ensures that harmful gasses and other indoor air pollutants are safely transported outside. However, any heater that runs solely on electricity such as most infrared heaters, do not emit anything and do not require venting.

Which infrared heaters need to be vented?

Some infrared heaters run on natural gas rather than electricity. Since they burn fuel, they should be vented. However, these heaters are explicitly designed for outdoor use, and should never be used inside. Since they are used outdoors, there is sufficient natural ventilation and no venting is needed.

Outdoor infrared heaters that run on fuel, such as patio heaters or terrace heaters, are not equipped with ventilation. Natural outdoor airflow is sufficient to disperse any gases or volatile compounds that may be emitted.

Outdoor gas-fired infrared terrace heater

The advantage of not needing ventilation: indoor air quality

Electric infrared heaters do not emit any harmful compounds and therefore do not pollute the air. This makes sure your indoor air quality does not worsen when using the heater. However, there are several other benefits for indoor air quality related to infrared heating. This makes infrared heaters superior to conventional heating systems with respect to indoor air quality.

Infrared heaters improve indoor air quality by:

  • not circulating the air
  • not emitting harmful compounds
  • ventilating the house does not lead to heat loss
  • infrared heating does not dry the air

If you want to know more about all the benefits of infrared heaters, please read my article: Infrared heating pros and cons (personal experience).

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