Do infrared heaters make noise? Quartz, panels, and patio heaters volume.

Infrared heaters do not make any noise. However, some optional features such as a thermostat or a fan can make a sound of about 40 dB. This is comparable to a quiet library or low urban background noise.

Infrared heaters do not have any moving parts that could make sound. The way infrared heat is generated and radiated into the room also does not produce any sound. However, some types of infrared heaters come with additional features that can produce sound. These features are:

  • a small fan
  • a thermostat

Most types of infrared heaters do not have these features.

Infrared heaters can be divided into three categories:

  • portable space heaters (quartz heaters)
  • heating panels
  • indoor/outdoor patio heaters

Portable infrared space heaters: sound production

Infrared space heaters sometimes come with a fan that makes a little bit of noise. However, the sound level is normally only around 40 dB. According to the American Academy of Audiology, 40 dB is considered soft, and just a bit louder than a whisper. This is similar to the ambient sound of a quiet library or background noise caused by outdoor activity such as cars.

Some portable space heaters come with a thermostat. A thermostat might make a slight clicking sound every time it turns on or off. This won’t be very loud and will only happen occasionally.

A portable quartz heater

Another way that a fan-operated heater can make sound is when the heater starts to vibrate because of the fan shaking the device. Proper placement will prevent this. I found that placing the heater on my carpet makes sure it will not start to vibrate and make noise.

Most portable infrared space heaters are quartz heaters, although there are models that use a different technology such as carbon. This does not affect the production of noise.

How loud is 40 dB exactly?

Moderate rainfall is about 10 times louder than 40 dB. The sound level of a normal conversation or a running dishwasher is about 100 times louder than 40 dB.

Infrared heating panels: sound production

An infrared heating panel

Infrared heating panels do not have any elements that might make a sound. There are no moving parts and no parts that vibrate or make a sound in any way. However, since they have no settings and always operate at maximum wattage, you might want to purchase a separate thermostat. Make sure to purchase a silent thermostat to ensure perfectly quiet heating.

Indoor/outdoor patio heaters: sound production

Infrared patio heaters do not produce any sound. There are no moving parts or parts that might vibrate. Patio heaters do not come with a fan or thermostat. These heaters are meant to radiate heat toward a chosen area outdoors and do not benefit from a fan or thermostat.

Indoor/outdoor infrared patio heater